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"Eve Schulte’s Amazonian grandeur suggested tragic Greek heroines."

Killer Pig by Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar selected as City Pages' Best Dance Performance 2017

Video credit Sebastian Alfonzo

Recent & Upcoming

James Sewell Ballet presents

October 25-27, Cowles Center

Photos credit Erik Saulitis  | Design credit Colin Hall

About Me


James Sewell Ballet  |  Dancer and Artistic Associate. Exploring the boundaries of ballet, and bringing innovative and enriching work to the Twin Cities.

Live Action Set  |  Investigating the threads between dance and theater.


University of MN, Twin Cities  |  Dance Faculty


Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp  |  Summer camp faculty, and twice co-director of the International Ballet Ensemble.

Ballet Works Project 2016
Briançon, France
Killer Pig (rehearsal)
The Sparrow
Briançon, France
In Counterpoint
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